Sunday, 3 March 2013

textual analysis of digipack

i have decided to do a textual analysis of Adele as she has the same kind of look i want from my digipack.

the image is of Adele. she takes up the whole screen in a mid-close up. they have chosen this shot to emphasise the emotions in her face and in her songs, the body language also adds to this as it looks as if she is thinking about her lost love. the simple image of Adele allows the audience to focus on the artist and the message in her lyrics and music. Having Adele not look at the audience makes her appear to be shy and withdrawn because of the pain of her break ups. Having her eyes closed gives her the look of a innocent female who has suffered not someone who has caused the suffering. The connotations that spring to mind when looking at the image is of sadness and love songs, this is why the front of the CD is simple as they didn't want to take focus off the artist and her soulful lyrics. The title of the album is in another colour to separate from her name by doing this, the design emphasised that Adele was 21 when she wrote these songs and that she was young and innocent when it came to love. The genre soul doesn't have many font/image connections which allows the audience to focus on the artists message and music.

Having the image in black and white links the cover to the music video of her most popular song-"someone like you" as in the music video Adele was walking around in a black and white effect. Having Adele write these songs at 21 and having the album called 21 we would assume that her target audience would be 21 year olds however having the CD cover in black and white makes Adele's target audience seem much older as it gives a elegant and classical look which would appeal to older women. Her target audience is women as she sings from a women point of view as well as having a stereotypical beautiful women on the front cover instead of going for the sex appeal men who want to see for the front cover.

Having Adele wear fake eyelashes allows the audience to see into a small part of Adele's life as she's from Essex and in Essex they are associated with fakery.
Cher Lloyd
i decided to do a textual analysis of a sterotyical CD cover targeting teenage girls. the bright colours and doogles surrounding the cover tells the audience that the target age group is young teenage girls. there is also a sterotypical beautiful girtl on the front cover. she is dressed in covering clothes which shows her as a role model for these girls. however the skull at the bottom of the page shows that her has an edge to the way she dresses. the handwritten font of Cher's names has a lot of swirls which emphasises her target audience as young girls. the font also makes the cover more personal as well as making the audience feel more interacted with her. it also implies that she writes her own songs.

having her looking at an old photograph links the cover with the music video as in her famous song "Want U Back" she is seen looking at a photograph of her boyfriend. it also imnplies that her songs are about lost loves, we also see this is her body language as she is leaning over the photograph. having the photo hidden adds a bit of misery to the cover which makes you want to see the music video to see who she is talking about. the connentations of the pop genre are seen in the bright colours and hr doodles.

the shot used is a mid shot so that we can view her body language as she that she is thinking about the boy in the photograph. having this shot also allows the audience to see into her life as you can see parts of her bedroom which is a very intimate room, this allows the fans to know more about her and feel interacted with her.


i decided to analysis this CD cover as i thought it was interesting. the shot used is a close up which focuses on her animalistic stare which is linked with the title of her album. the background also links with the title as it is scratched and appears damaged, which makes the CD cover seem wild which links with her persona. even the style of her font is animalistic to link in with the theme of savageness.

Ke$ha's genre is dance/pop which is seen in her CD cover as she has bright colours for her name and title which are contrasted with the balck and white photograph. the black and white photograph also adds misery to the Cd which makes the audience interessed to see what she will be singing about. Ke$ha's target audience is both boys and girls as she is quirky which girls will be drawn to but also her wildness and sexy facial expression which will appeal to boys. her fetishistic facial expression allows her to be a sex symbol for men and women.

By Ke$ha breaking the fourth wall she is making a contention with the audience, which draws them into buying the CD.

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