Friday, 29 March 2013


i have decided to write about AIRING for my music video.
AIRING stands for audience, institution, representation, ideology, narrative and genre.


the audience are the people who will be watching the music video and who you will be getting feedback from. the audience is very important as they are the people who will respond to the music video. how people have been responding to the video is very positive however, i have only shown people who are my age group, so therefore i will need to sow some more people (a different age group) to get a clear idea if the music video gives the same reaction to other people. 


the institution are the people who make the product. in this case the institution is me as i made the music video. however i have copied the idea of Brittany spears music video "Everytime" when she drowns in the bath. i also was inspired by the painting Mallais Ophelia, which is a painting of a women who killed herself in a lake surrounded by plants and the outdoors. 


representation is seen either through the representation of the actors or the representation between the song and the characters illustration of the story. i have made the women in the music video a strong female character as she dominates the music video as she is in almost every scene and she is the only character that interacts with the audience by breaking the 4th wall and having point of view shots. she is also the one the audience relates too as she is more 3 dimensional because we are following her story. by making the actress more reflective than depressed she 

links with the Millais Ophelia painting. as in the painting the women is represented as a virginal, beautiful suicidal women who kills herself because of a lost love which is the theme i have been tries to portray in my music video.  

there is a low key representation of a male character in my music video, as i wanted to make the character ill-define as the story is about the women more than the guy. i have made him ill defined by clothing him in dull, dark clothes. i wanted to do this because i didn't want a type of male audience to associate with him. i also wanted the music video to have the feel of an absence of men. i also made the male character hide his face so that we would find him mysterious. i added to that feeling by only having him appear in the forest and at the beginning of the music video. 


the ideology is the story behind the text or the secret agendas. i have done this by showing the independence of the women in the music video. the women is reacting with her environment in the music video as she is always moving when she is outside whereas when she is inside she is always still as she is either on the floor or in the bath. when she is outside she is moving through the landscape towards or away from the audience this symbolises her independent spirit, even in the close ups of her face she is still moving. 


the narrative is the expectations of the story, the conventions and the codes the genre or music video would have. my music video however has an unconventional narrative as there is no resolution at the end. in a conventional ending something would happen such as the couple would end up together or something would return to normality or improve in some way which gives satisfaction to the audience however i didn't want to create a boring conventional music video i also wanted the "watchability factor"in my music video, which i think i have created as i have made the ending confusing for the audience. 

there are also archetypes in narrative music videos such as the standard character of a hero verses the villain. in my music video i have a heroine but we don't know about the male character as he is insubstantial. The viewer is more invested in the female as she more complete in character. whereas for the male character the audience tries to fill him up to make him more substantial. 


the genre for my music video is tragedy. the theme that is present in the video is isolation. the tilting at the end of the music video for me represents eternal misery and how its copies the beginning and that in that time nothing has happened to make her life better. however from the feedback i got the tilt to some people means a positive thing as we are looking up to the sky which suggests joy, new hope and release. the fade to colour effect at the end can either suggest a negative thing or a neutral it all depends on the type of viewer watching. i tried these different effects to make the music video interesting for all viewers. the tilt at the beginning of the video suggests moving down to earth where she is moving around in the dirt and earth. Roland Barthes says that upward movement is more positive and has religious meaning as you are looking up to heaven and lightness. but the opposite moving downward and shots of the ground and nature suggests death, decay, hell and decomposition which are some of the themes that are seen in my music video. 

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