Monday, 24 December 2012

pre- production script

I will use different parts of the woods to film this music video, to keep it interesting

EXT.  woods - night 7.00am

a establishing shot of the sky with the stars shinning which moves to long shot of a girl walking through the woods. this is going to be followed by a continuity shot of her walking through the woods using different angles and a mixture of close-ups, mid shots and long shots.

EXT. woods -night 7.00am

the girl reacts the tree where there will be a dissolve of the boy she loved. then followed by a close-up and a extreme close-up. this is then cut between a long shot of the girl run down the woods past turning back to smile at the camera which will be positioned so that it appears she is smiling at the boy she loved. then a close up of the girl again to show their love has died.

EXT.  woods - night 7.00am

a eyeline match of the girl looking a the stream, then a mid-shot of the stream followed by a mid to long shot of the two walking down the stream together.

EXT. woods-early morning

a long shot of the girl lying on the woods thinking of the boy. it will also be a intertextual reference of the original music video where the girl burs into the background, which is what i will do.

EXT. woods -early morning

a close up of her hand on the wood crunching up the leaves on the floor. then a over the shoulder shot of the girl looking at the boy walking through the woods.

EXT. woods -early morning

long shot of the girl making her way through he trees, this is followed by a close up of her struggling  thinking of the boy. and then a low angle shot of her feet moving through the woods. ( she will be barefoot)

EXT. woods -early morning

montage shot which consists of close-ups, mid-shots and long shot.

EXT. woods

birds ye view of the girl lying down on the ground and them turning to look at the camera. this is an intertexual reference to the film Twilight and how true love never dies.

EXT. woods

a mid shot of the girl leaning on the tree thinking of the boy who will be dissolved in the background. there will also be a still of the girl thinking of the boy.

EXT. woods

this will be a reply of the beginning to show how she will never get over him and always think of him.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

this is the finished short film i did using the shoulder mount

story board for my music video

i made a story board so that i have an idea about what my music video will look like. the storyboard is all narrative based instead of having some performance as well which would be like a traditional music video.
 my mood board

on my mood board i have written about models i could use, clothes she could wear, inspirational artists, camera angles and editing techniques i could use and i have also put in photos of the woods where i will film.