Saturday, 5 January 2013


Proposed Title/Song: Birdy Skinny Love

Synopsis of song lyrics: the lyrics are about a relationship that didn't work and she is asking for things to have worked and gone back to normal. She just wanted the relationship to last the year.

Proposed storyline and characters: the video will reflect the lyrics by having a relationship that didn't work but it has a twist as in the video the man is dead and she is looking back at the relationship and the reason why they are not together. i have decided to make the male character dead to make the music video different to other types of genres. however i have to think about my target audience and whether this might upset them or leave an impression.

Setting: the video is going to be set in the woods for the most part. i have also decided to film a performance for my music video on a stage as well as having some scenes in a bedroom.

length: the song is around 3:39 so this is how long the music video will be.

format: digital and edited on Final Cut ProX

style: the genre for this music video is soul and indie. it will have some elements of dark and depressing times. this is why i have filmed some of the scenes at night to add a dark and sad feel to the music video.

camerawork/ type of shots: i will have a lot of close ups on the artist to show her emotions and her feelings about the death of the man she loves. i will also have alot of long shots to emphasise the singer being alone and isolated from the crippling feeling of losing love. i have also got some tracking shots of the artist as i wanted to make it seem as if the male was still alive and was filming her.

length of shots/editing: the video will feature many long takes as the mood and style of the song is slow and depressing. the cuts are also slow and there will be long takes which creates the mood of sadness and lost love.

movement and action: the character will often be seem walking around the woods alone to show her loss of love.

visual qualities: the video will be shot in colour. both Izzy and James will be wearing casual clothes, so that they can be relatable to the target audience. i will also add some special effects to the music video to add to the mood the lost love.

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