Monday, 28 January 2013


i have had a problem with the weather and that idont have enough footage to do a 3:30 music video i have only got 2:37 however i still need to film my establishing and ending shot as well as some other scenes with izzy and james. i have found whilst editing that i needed to redo some of the scenes such as the close ups on Izzy as they didnt quite work. i also found that the shots i filmed using the tri-pod worked better than the ones i shot using hand held camera.

the special effects i used crerated the genre i wanted which was soul/indie. i wanted a quite dark and somber mood for my music video which i hope i have created using dark lighting.

i am also having problems uploading clips onto my blog. i will have to set up a website to upload my videos and then attach the link onto my blog.

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