Saturday, 13 April 2013

evaluation question 2

how effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

i believe my products are very effective together. the three products link together but they are all slightly different so that it keeps the audience interested in looking at it. the brand i have created for Birdy is mysterious with a folk mythology feel to it. i have done this by using bright, sharp images of my artist looking sad and virtuous as well as having a mythical link with Millais Ophelia painting. in most of the images i have made the artist looks at the camera so that you become linked and connected with the artists pain and suffering. i have made my main target audience girls which is why my digipack and advert have an image of a virtuous girl which will appeal to women more than men as they would prefer a more fetistic than voyeuristic female. however my music video is aimed for boys as well as girls as i have used camera shots which break the 4th wall and allow the audience to feel apart of the music video. the tracking shots i used make it seem as if the audience was following her, which allows men to feel they have a relationship with her. it is clear that my products work well as they have similar aspects such as the font and colours but i have used different images to vary the products up and make them more interesting. i kept the fonts and colours the same so that when people saw the image they would associated with my other brand products.

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