Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Action plan

as i am coming closer to my final deadline i have decided to create a action plan so that i can fit in all the information i need onto my blog and digipack.

these are the weeks i have left to finish my music video as well and create a digiback and an advert

dates                                         at school                                 at home           
11th-15th Feb-                       action plan                              treatment sheet
Half Term                                                                             upload evidence of filming (recce)
                                                                                               upload video with shoulder mount
                                                                                       contact artist again/ask for permission

18th-22nd Feb-               film performance                         photoshot for digipack
                                         start editing performance

25th-1st March-              evidence of editing                   feedback for music video (second draft)
                                         feedback from photoshoot

4th-8th March-                 start flat plan for digipack
                                           drafting of flatpack with notes          finish drafting

11th-15th March-             feedback on first draft flatpack
                                           start drafting for advert                      feedback of advert

18th-22nd March-           evaluation and finish everything

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