Thursday, 1 November 2012

This is a still from Paloma Faith’s music video- “Picking up the Pieces”.

I decided to write a textual analysis of the artist Paloma Faith as her songs are in the same genre I would like to make my music video –‘Chamber’ and ‘Indie pop’.

I chose this particular shot as I think the image sums up the song as it’s about feeling isolated as a result of unrequited love. The long shot of her on a bench shows how there is no one around, which makes her seem lonely and isolated. The washed out colours of the background and the bench add to the depressing atmosphere, as there is no vibrancy apart from her red hair, which makes her stand out. I think the reason she is sitting on a bench is not just because she is outside but because a bench is meant to be filled with people but as she is alone it shows her isolation because of unrequited love. The scale of the bench also adds to the feeling of being alone as it is too big for one person.

The old fashioned house behind Paloma is in contrast with her modern hair colour and her make-up as this adds to the feeling of her being out of place. From this shot I believe the artist is hyperconscious of her appearance, as the respectable, old-fashioned outfit doesn’t match her usual quirky style. This again links in to how she feels out of place and unloved. However, the bright colours of the outfit and hair colour do make her stand out, as she is the only lively thing in the shot.

The body language of the artist shows how she feels like an outsider, as she isn’t taking up much room. The high key lighting makes the shot seem believable, as it looks naturalistic. I don’t see any intertextual references with films or other music videos.

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