Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Narrative videos are rarely complete and often in a montage style of editing. the storylines are in a non-linear order, which leaves the viewer with a desire to see the film again. Steve Archer says that music videos need "an extra aspect" or the "repeatability factor", sometimes the artist will be apart of the story, acting as the narrator and actor.

music video's allow the audience a different access points to the artist than a stage performance can. the close-ups on the artists face allows eye contract with the audience and allow the audience to feel close and involved in the video. it also allows fans to closely observe the facial gestures and presents the artist in a number of ways which wouldn't be possible in a live concert.

relationship storylines are often in a narrative order as part of the voyeuristic context by suggesting a setting associated with sexual allure .e.g. nightclubs.

i have decided to make my music video most narrative as i think makes the music video have a more 'watch-ablility' factor. i have decided to make my narrative music video about a girl and boy who have broken up because of a tragedy. i will include a few seconds of performance based clips just to break the storyline up a bit and to make the video seem dark and unclear.

Isabella Hannah and James Carolan will be the cast of my music video. izzy however will be featuring in the most part because she is the main character. i decided to choose these people as they are good actors and are attractive. even though i think women will find this music video more appealing as there is a sort of romance, by having an attractive women star in my music video it will appeal to men as well.

i have decided to have a non-linear narrative as i think this allows you to have more freedom experimenting with different scenes and shots. it will also make the music video seem darker and more sad if you know no exactly wants going on all the time. i wont have flashbacks but i will have overlaying shots of the characters seeming to be together when there actually not. i haven't planned to have a prologue however that might changed depending on what i film and if it suits the mood.

i found the Britney spears music video 'Everytime' inspiring so much so that i am planning on doing an intertextual reference with the scene in the bath tub. i thought the narrative of that music video was very gripping as it was so personal. i loved how you couldn't tell until the very end what was going to happen.

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